Below is a list of the projects we’ve lead and organised:

The Influence of Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew 2011-2013

Leverhulme funded study in collaboration with research associate Dr Jessica Holland. We organised an international conference and wrote a monograph on Fry and Drew.

Envisioning the Indian City 2013-2016

Researching cross cultural exchanges in colonial and post-colonial India. A collaborative project from the University of Liverpool (UK) and Jadavpur University (India) funded by the UKIERI (UK India Education and Research Initiative)

Robert Gardner-Medwin and Tropical Architecture in the Caribbean 2012-13

Biography and research into the life and works of Robert Gardner-Medwin. see:

The Polish School at Liverpool School of Architecture 2014

A symposium held at the School of Architecture with papers on the ‘Polish School’, including a talk from Bob Maxwell.,468911,en.html

Architecture and Planning in the Tropics: From Colonial Gold Coast to Tropical Ghana 2015-2018

British Academy International Partnerships and Mobility Fund, 2015-2018. With Prof. Rexford Assasie Oppong of KNUST and Dr Irene Appeaning Addo from University of Ghana and Prof. Ola Uduku of Manchester school of Architecture. See our article on the Volta River Project here:

The Architecture of the British Mandate in Iraq 2016

Using the archives of Wilson Mason Architects along with documents from the National Archives this project attempted to investigate the various Serai structures built by the British in Iraq during the 1920s. See

Road Less Traveled Exhibition: The World in a Garden, Nek Chand 2017

Exhibition and film on Nek Chand’s Rock Garden at the John Michael Kohler Arts Centre, Wisconsin. It was great to work with curators Amy Chaloupka and Karen Patterson. Iain Jackson’s survey drawings of the Rock Garden are now held at the JMKAC.

Sculptures by Nek Chand

PACE at 50: Modern Architecture in Kuwait 2018

Pan-Arab Consulting Engineers specially commissioned book to celebrate their half-century of practice.

Architectural Drawing Archive at KNUST, Ghana 2018

Photographing the architectural drawing archive at KNUST estates and development office. In collaboration with Lukasz Stanek and Ola Uduku of Manchester School of Architecture, and Rexford Assasie-Oppong of KNUST. This project is not finished – we’ve got a lot more work to do here.

Sharing Stories from Jamestown: The Creation of Mercantile Accra 2019

Exhibition and Catalogue produced in collaboration with ArchiAfrika, Joe Osae-Addo, Allotey Bruce-Konuah. Exhibition held in Jamestown Cafe, 2019, funded by School of Arts, University of Liverpool. Have a look at the catalogue here:

The Architecture of Herbert Rowse 2014-2019

A biography devoted to one of Liverpool’s more important architects. As well as designing India Buildings, Martins Bank, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, The Mersey Tunnel entrances and extract buildings, Rowse also produced plans for the reconstruction of Belgium cities after WW2 and a diplomatic enclave in New Delhi. Funding for this project was generously provided by the RIBA Research fund, and collaborators were Simon Pepper and Peter Richmond. The monograph was published by English Heritage and 20thCS.

Keeping Your Cool: Does Tropical Modernist Architecture work, climatically? 2019-

An investigation into modernist architecture in Ghana and its ability to create comfortable interior spaces.
Collaborators are Dr Hanyeh Mohammadpourkarbasi, University of Liverpool, Dr Irene Appeaning Addo, Dr Dan Nukpezah, Prof Rexford Assasie-Oppong. Ongoing, with results expected early 2022.

Crucibles, Vectors, Catalysts: Envisioning The Modern City 2020-2021

A workshop and symposium organised with our friends, curators, and researchers at Hyundai Tate Transnational Research Centre: A recording of the events are available here:

Development in Postcolonial West Africa: Building the Nation 2020-

Fully funded PhD project in collaboration with The National Archives. Funded by AHRC and the Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships scheme.

My City (in)visible 2021-

My City (in)Visible maps diverse everyday narratives of city perception and experience beyond dominant ‘western’ framings of ‘what is a good city’. Conceived as a global visual collaboratorium, the project will record how participants imagine inclusive Global South city futures, and support planners, policy makers and practitioners to enable those futures.

Impatient Cities of the Gulf: Post-oil Architecture in Flux 2021

Special edition of the Histories of Postwar Architecture Journal edited with Roberto Fabbri. Since the striking of oil, this ‘brave new world’ has been a testing ground for experimental, risk imbued architecture and real estate. The sudden affluence and ambition of the rulers to demonstrate progress and social advancements (sometimes expressed through outlandish ‘iconic’ designs) has certainly fired this drive. The building of cities seemed an appropriate culvert for the vast funds generated, turning what was once barren into a fertile land.

The Architecture of the United Africa Company 2021-

In collaboration with Unilever Archives this project will investigate the impact of the United Africa Company on the cityscape of West Africa. Funded by Leverhulme Trust over two years, 2021-2023.

  1. Maristella Casciato, Associate Director Research, CCA Montreal said:

    Hi Jessica and Iain. This is Maristella Casciato from the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal.
    We have been in touch before, then I could not amke to come to London and give you a visit.
    I believe that we could find a way for a collaboration considering that PJ’s papers on Chandigarh are colelcted at the CCA.
    Let’s keep in touch for further plans and ideas.
    Best, Maristella

    • Hi Maristella
      Thanks for your message, it’s good to hear from you. A F&D / PJ collaboration would be great – please email us if you have any thoughts. Hope you can make it to the conference. Best wishes, Jessica.

  2. Dear Ms Holland,
    The description of the call for papers seems rather broad. I know Frey and Drew mainly through the excellent book on Chandigarh which was published a few years ago, and naturally through their involvement with the RIBA yearbooks which were printed from 1945 onwards. The connection with Catalano seems interesting – as I would have to conduct my research from the US. Obliquely related, but something I have been wanting to look at earlier, would be to write about the Atelier 5 housing which was erected in London and how it compares to the rest of their oeuvre.
    I suspect it would be preferable to stay closer on topic?
    Finally, I am a practitioner with teaching experience, so I do not have the backing of an institution. Will that be a problem?

    • Thanks for your query. The conference aims to highlight Fry and Drew’s lengthy and diverse careers, so the cfp is deliberately broad. A paper looking at any aspect of their significance (together or individually) and/or their influence would be of interest. The topics you mention would all seem to address this.
      The call for papers is open to all – practitioners are most welcome.
      Best wishes, Jessica.

  3. James Hayes said:

    Hi, I am doing some research on the Lever Brothers’ company architect, James Lomax Simpson. As well as designing several buildings in Port Sunlight village itself, he also worked on company buildings abroad. I know that he was involved in Leverville in the Belgian Congo, but I haven’t been able to find any dates or the names of specific buildings he is associated with there. While the main focus of your work seems to be West Africa, have you come across any information in relation to Lomax Simpson and the Belgian Congo, as well as West Africa.

    I only recently discovered your website, but I am finding hugely interesting and informative.

    With thanks,
    James Hayes
    Collections Officer

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