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Polish School of Architecture Symposium, Liverpool School of Architecture 28th November 2013

The programme for the Polish School of Architecture Symposium is as follows:

13h00 School of Arts Library.

Part 1: Modernism, Education and Migration.

Maria Jolanta Sołtysik – “Modernism in Poland: the New City of Gdynia and its Architecture in the 20s and 30s.”

Iain Jackson & Peter Richmond – “The Polish School of Architecture at Liverpool”

Przemek Kaniewski – “The Graduates of the Polish School of Architecture”

Łukasz Stanek – “Dmochowski”

Karolina Tulkowska – “Matthew Nowicki”


Coffee Break


Part 2: The influence of the Liverpool Polish School of Architecture on British architects and scholars.

Robert Maxwell – Influence of the Polish School

Alan Berman and  Marco Iuliano – James Stirling; from Liverpool to America

Dan Naegele – The Letters of Colin Rowe

David Warr

If you would like to join us, please register for the event at:

This event has been generously supported by the Polish Cultural Institute

Instytut Polski - ksiega znaku