Call for Papers – ‘Dynamic Vernacular’ in Architecture Beyond Europe Journal

Call for Papers – ‘Dynamic Vernacular’, guest edited by Mark Crinson, University of Manchester (UK)

For publication in ABE Journal (Architecture Beyond Europe), issue 10, December 2016.

For previous issues see This themed section takes as its subject the relationship between modernism and vernacular architecture in the colonial and postcolonial world. Proposals are invited that explore this relationship as a dynamic between modernism and the vernacular, rather than in the more familiar and uni-directional form of modernism’s appropriation of vernacular forms. That this coming together had as much consequence for the vernacular side of the equation as it did for the modernist side, is often recognised but rarely researched. Papers might also explore situations where modernism’s affiliating strategy with vernacular architecture coexisted with policies supporting dispossession and social re-structuring, putting the very existence of the vernacular at risk. Authors are encouraged to place architecture within a wide range of objects and discourses that claim and draw upon the vernacular.

Deadline for submissions – 1 April 2016

Address for submissions –

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