Exhibition: Tropicality Revisited: Recent Approaches by Indonesian Architects; at Deutsches Architekturmuseum

Exhibition: Tropicality Revisited: Recent Approaches by Indonesian Architects is currently on show at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum , Frankfurt, Germany.


29 August 2015 – 3 January 2016, 3rd floor
GUIDED TOURS: Saturday and Sunday, 14:00


Architecture in the Tropics was never just about offering shelter from rain and sun. “Tropical architecture” suddenly gained global relevance with the emergence of Modernist Architecture and was adapted to suit all climates and cultures. During the post-War period the science of climatic architectural design became an international success. For many generations of Indonesian architects, the tropics has never been a romantic colony, but a harsh reality with its torrential rains, heat, and high humidity. Today, “tropical architecture” is often easily forgotten by the critics, lost behind the glazed and airconditioned skyscrapers or the celebrated designs for tropical tourist resorts. At times, it seems to be taken for granted – pitched roof and overhangs are the ready-to-use answers – but it is also a challenge for architects to find new solutions. In the days of climate change and energy crises, architecture adapted to the climate is making a triumphal comeback.


  • Achmad Tardiyana, Jakarta – Rumah Baca, Bandung
  • Adi Purnomo \ mamostudio, Ciputat – Studi-O Cahaya, West Jakarta
  • djuhara + djuhara, Ciputat – Wisnu Steel House, Bekasi
  • andramatin, Jakarta – Andra Matin House, Jakarta
  • Csutoras & Liando, Jakarta – Kineforum Misbar, Jakarta
  • d-associates, Bandung – Tamarind House, Jakarta
  • EFF Studio, Denpasar \ Bali – Almarik Restaurant, Gili Trawangan \ Lombok
  • Eko Prawoto Architecture Workshop, Yogyakarta – Eko Prawoto House, Yogyakarta
  • Studio Akanoma, Bandung – Ciledug Timber House, Ciledug \ Tangerang
  • LABO, Bandung – House #1 at Labo. the mori, Bandung
  • Studio TonTon, Jakarta – Ize Hotel, Seminyak \ Bali
  • Urbane Indonesia, Jakarta – Baiturrahman Mosque, Kopeng \ Yogyakarta

More information at: http://www.dam-online.de/ 

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