Fry and Drew book in paperback

The Architecture of Edwin Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew:

We’re delighted to announce that our Fry and Drew book is to be published in paperback format in a few days time. This should make it a little more affordable and hopefully accessible to a broader audience in West Africa and India…



  1. chris flannery said:

    Interested in learning more about the collaborations and works of Fry&Drew for Singapore and Bangkok, I am a Director at Swan & Maclaren researching the early modernist period of our firm, including Shell House of 1959, as well I work out of Bangkok and interested to learn more about the two projects there noted in your listings of works of 1970. Chartered Bank.

    • Thanks Chris – yes, the work of Fry and Drew in Singapore and Bangkok from this period is fascinating! Sadly, we’ve not been able to uncover as much as we would have liked… in some cases we only have vintage photos, or brief mentions in the project directories. We’d certainly be interested in publishing and researching more… Prof Jiat-Hwee Chang would be a good person for you to contact and may have more info. Good luck and please keep us informed if you find any interesting material.

      • chris flannery said:

        HI, Indeed its hard to find info on all this , and so many places to try t find, drop me a note and I’ll send a image or two I have researched……

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